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Course D. Astrobiology: Looking for Life in the Cosmic Ocean

Alumnae Continuing Education

Course D. Astrobiology: Looking for Life in the Cosmic Ocean

Thursdays, 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Instructor: Shane L. Larson, Research Professor, Associate Director of
CIERA, Department of Physics and Astronomy

This course meets on Thursday afternoons beginning on January 6. 

Humans have speculated for centuries that, perhaps, Earth is not the only haven for life in the Cosmos. Hollywood has speculated wildly that life may exist in many places, in many imagined forms. But it is only in the last few decades that scientists have begun to explore the question of whether or not we are alone in the Universe. The discovery of planets around other stars, the discovery of life in exotic and inhospitable environments on Earth, and a growing (but still incomplete) understanding of how life on Earth works have all come together to make a new body of knowledge called “astrobiology.” In this course, we’ll survey human thinking about life in the Cosmos, from our historical and fictional speculations, to our current scientific ideas, and what possible future discoveries might hold in store.

Jan. 6 Searching for Life in the Cosmos

Why are humans so fascinated by the question of whether there is life elsewhere in the Universe? What are the challenges we face in attempting to answer the question of whether or not Earth is the only haven for life?

Jan. 13 Life on Earth
Our search for life elsewhere is guided by our experiences with life on Earth. This week we’ll learn that answering the question “what is life?” is difficult, even here on Earth.

Jan. 20 What Makes a Good Home for Life?
Turning our attention outward, we explore the concept of “habitability” and will discuss how it will guide our search for life.

Jan. 27 Mars & Venus
Here in our own solar system, our nearest neighbors are the first places we can look for life. We’ll talk about searches we have made, and mysteries we have uncovered.

Feb. 3 Icy Moons and Small Worlds
Planets are not the only places that may harbor life in the solar system. This week we’ll look at the myriad other worlds that could be havens for life.

Feb. 10: Extrasolar Planets
In the last two decades we have discovered that other stars do indeed have planets around them. We’ll talk about our search for extrasolar planets, and how we might look for life on them.

Feb.17 The Fermi Paradox
One of the greatest mysteries is why we may or may not have detected life in the Universe yet. This mystery is called the Fermi Paradox -- we’ll discuss what the Paradox is, and what ideas we have for resolution.

Feb. 24 Extraterrestrial Communication
This week we’ll talk about SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and CETI (Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

Mar. 3 Travelling to the Stars
For our last lecture together, we’ll talk about real ideas for starships, and what we might experience on a journey between the stars.

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