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Winter: Course D.Law in the Political Arena - Revisited

Alumnae Continuing Education
Norris University Center
Thursday, Jan 9, 2020 at 12:00 AM (CT)

Course D. Law in the Political Arena - Revisited

Thursdays, 12:45-2:45 p.m.

Instructor: Mark Iris, Lecturer, Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences

This course meets on Thursday afternoon beginning on January 9th.

There will be no class on January 30th.

In recent decades, the role of legal systems in the United States has changed significantly. In many ways, legal processes and institutions are now used to address a wide variety of issues which were previously addressed through other means or perhaps not addressed at all. This change has led to a growing “legalization” of our society. Much of this process takes place in settings outside the typical courtroom, settings little known and even less well understood by the public at large, often with little media coverage.

Jan. 9 Introduction to the U.S. Legal System

We will look at the organization and operations of state and federal trial and appeals courts. What basic principles do these courts share in common? How does a case reach the U.S. Supreme Court? What coping mechanisms have evolved to enable courts to keep pace with increasing work loads?

Jan. 16 Ruth Bader Ginsburg – On the Frontlines of Women’s Rights

Northwestern enrolled its first women students 150 years ago. As part of a year-long university recognition of notable achievements by women, this Alumnae lecture will examine highlights from the extraordinary legal career of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her powerful advocacy for gender equality.

Jan. 23 Arbitration – The Supreme Court and Donald Trump Say Yes!

Mandatory arbitration has become widespread in many facets of American life. Without our awareness, we have effectively lost our right to go to court to seek redress for a host of wrongs. In the past year, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and presidential action, have further reinforced this trend to deny you your day in court.

Jan. 30 NO CLASS

Feb. 6 Law on the High Seas

Ah, the dead of winter in Chicago – the most pleasant time of year! Many people prefer to spend winter days soaking up the sun on a Caribbean cruise, but when things go wrong, passengers and crew members have to navigate some very rough legal waters.

Feb. 13 Misdemeanor Crimes: The Invisible Facet of the Criminal Justice System

Misdemeanor offenses, such as disorderly conduct, have attracted little attention from scholars and policy researchers, in part because the stakes, for an individual, seem minor, and the number of people impacted yearly is massive. Courts further enhance the invisibility of these cases. How can a trivial charge greatly impact a person’s life?

Feb. 20 Criminal Justice Reform

After 30-plus years of increasingly harsh criminal penalties, there is now serious discussion (and some modest action) to slow mass incarceration and undo some of its damaging consequences. What progress has been made? What obstacles remain?

Feb. 27 Wrongful Convictions

In recent years, there has been growing realization that the criminal conviction of a person who is actually innocent is more common than previously thought. How do these blatant miscarriages of justice occur? What reforms are evolving to address the problem?

Mar. 5 School Finance and the Courts

School districts vary widely in terms of funding. This in turn leads to vast inequalities in the resources available to educate children. How have state and federal courts dealt with the legal challenges to the inequitable provision of a crucial public service?

Mar. 12 Chicago Police Reform: An Update

The Chicago Police Department is now operating under a U.S. District Court supervised Consent Decree. How did this come about? What is a consent decree? Most importantly, what progress is the CPD making to meet the numerous reforms required by this decree?

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