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Fall 2019 Course B. 3 Actors, 9 Plays

Alumnae Continuing Education
Norris University Center

Course B. 3 Actors, 9 Plays

Tuesdays, 12:45-2:45 p.m.

Instructors: Cindy Gold, Professor, Theatre

Henry Godinez, Professor, Theatre

Mary Poole, Sr. Lecturer, Associate Chair, Theatre

This course meets on Tuesday afternoons over nine weeks, beginning on September 24th.

There will be no class on October 1st.

The lectures are as follows:

Sep. 24 Henry: Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz

The first Latino play to win the Pulitzer Prize, Anna in the Tropics is a powerful and poetic story set in a cigar factory in 1929 Ybor City (Tampa), Florida. Threatened by encroaching modernity, the family that owns the factory decides to bring a new lector from Cuba to carry on the tradition of reading to the workers as they continue to hand roll cigars, but when he decides to read Anna Karenina, “he unwittingly becomes a catalyst in the lives of his avid listeners, for whom Tolstoy, the tropics, and the American dream prove a volatile combination.”


Oct. 8 Mary: Dead Man’s Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl

We live in a digital world. But can we die in one? Facebook pages go on, Google collects our email, multiple computers hold our multiple numbers, names, and profiles, and Amazon recommends new books for us until, well, when? Winner of the Helen Hayes New Play Award, Ruhl’s gentle play applies imagination and humor to an isolated couple brought together by a deceased brother that only a crazy mother could love.

Oct. 15 Cindy: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in the 1950s and won the Pulitzer for it in 1955. His core theme and what is silently governing all of our lives these days, is that of “Mendacity,” and the way some people ignore the truth in order to simply survive. Having recently played Big Mama in production, I plan to focus on how the lies and deceit in her household, including her own, affect the lives of all the people hanging on for dear life in the post war deep south.

Oct. 22 Henry: Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez

A musical-drama set during the early days of World War II, and partly based on the Zoot Suit Riots in southern California, this groundbreaking play was a huge box office hit for the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles in the late 70s, and the first Latino Play to transfer to Broadway. Utilizing a docudrama style and steeped in the music of the 1940s, the play tells the story of how the press, fearmongering, and a corrupt justice system manipulated the wrongful conviction of a Mexican-American gang member for the Sleepy Lagoon murders to appease public opinion.

Oct. 29 Cindy: Indecent by Paula Vogel

Indecent is based on the true story of a troupe of Jewish actors in Poland who achieved international success with their daring and modern play, The God of Vengeance. Told with song and dance, and Jewish ritual, the play begins in 1906 as they embark on a wildly successful European tour of the play, and eventually find themselves performing it on Broadway in 1923. The play contained the first lesbian stage kiss and was eventually shut down by the American censors, with the entire company returning to Europe pre-WWII.

Nov. 5 Mary: The Ferryman by Jez Butterworth

Nominated for nine Broadway Tony Awards this year, currently running with two Northwestern alums in the cast, this is a brilliant, fiery play about the Irish, with all the complications and intricacies, the joy and tragedy that have defined a place and people for hundreds of years. And it is a play about all of us, struggling to endure and understand our lives through the telling of stories.

Nov. 12 Cindy: Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

Noel Coward wrote Blithe Spirit in an attempt to cheer the British people who were living through the blitz in London during WWII. After his London office and flat had been destroyed by bombs, he focused on the idea of ghosts residing with living people and wreaking havoc. He completed a full draft in seven days, feeling as if ghosts had, indeed, guided him. The number of juicy roles for women of all ages, and the mixture of comedy and impending tragedy, make the play one of my true favorites.

Nov. 19 Mary: Stick Fly by Lydia R. Diamond

The award-winning Diamond, an elegant writer and Northwestern alumna, explains that she wrote Stick Fly as an exploration of the traditional “well-made play.” Anchored on a family of very strong characters, closed up together in a large summer home on Martha’s Vineyard, the play bubbles with all sorts of unresolved passions and disagreements: love, hate, jealousy, suspicion, betrayal, class, race, justice, children and parents, and the secrets humans try to keep.

Nov. 26 Henry: Water by the Spoonful by Quiera Alegría Hudes

The winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize, Water by the Spoonful centers around a returning Iraqi war veteran haunted by the literal ghost of his time in Iraq. As he tries to reestablish his life in North Philly, his story begins to intersect with that of four characters in an on-line chat room for recovering drug addicts, coincidentally run by his estranged mother, herself a recovering addict. It is a compassionate look at the meaning of family, forgiveness and the ramifications of our actions in the past.

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Course Pricing

One nine-week course $190.00

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Credits are not given for future classes.
A transfer at no cost to another class offered during the same quarter is an option provided there is space available.

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